The Minds of Men



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tfluffykins 8 / 10

A lot to digest.

If only for the informational value, this is worth viewing. I have watched a few times. The creators have a viewpoint, but everyone does. At least the purpose and intent isn't obscured as much media is today. We keep being hammered and bullied to "agree and support" divergent mores and values that may be antithetical to personal and religious beliefs. This divergent viewpoint offered at least is based on historical facts that can be researched.

Reviewed by bmac-12502 9 / 10

A historical look into population control...

This is a long historical documentary on mind control, and ultimately, population control. It gives the viewer an in-depth look into the CIA's MK-Ultra program and it's myriad of sub-projects, all geared towards the goal of controlling the human mind and manipulating populations. Granted, it's over 3 hours long, but I found the length necessary to thoroughly learn about the subject from its inception to its conclusion. For the last century, governments have been experimenting with their populations, often without public knowledge or consent, in hopes of finding that single key, data point, or formula that would lead them to ultimately control whole populations of people. It's no surprise today we have social media platforms, based on feed-back loops, which have captured the minds of people like an opioid. This film is good stepping off point for observing the manipulation that occurs today. It almost seems ubiquitous.

Reviewed by kcraddock-89182 1 / 10

Production value lacking of other people's research

It's hard to sit through this marathon, even for someone interested in the Truth. The parts where Aaron Dykes changes his voice for "The typerwriter guy" is absolutely cringeworthy and sad and the constant black and white is pathetic.

All this information is just other people's research repackaged by these two. This I guess is ok for the beginner, if you can stomach sitting through over three hours of this snooze fest.

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