The Wretched



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Pamela Gray as Counselor Rutland
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kirbie2182 7 / 10

I liked it

This movie is actually pretty good, unlike some of the other no-name horror movies popping up around the same time (1BR, The Lodge, The other lamb). This one is hardly original, but it's got a lot of throwbacks - 80's vibe, and is Well shot with above par FX, And convincing no-name actors). It's got it's own, not always welcoming, twist ending, which worked in this case for the better. It's really a pretty decent horror/comedy flick that doesn't take itself too seriously, looks good on screen, and keeps your attention throughout. I enjoyed it.

Reviewed by jane-love 6 / 10

Great base story... just needed more character development.

Almost there. I love a good scare. This one was a great concept. Missed the mark with no real character development. No build up. Needed to be drawn out .. more tense. enjoyed with the 14 year old teenagers that I watched with but for me .. i wanted to be scared but it never happened. 20% more and it would have been great.

Reviewed by rarepeperonis 3 / 10

Bootleg Stranger Things

The movie is basically a mix between Stranger Things and Disturbia (?) i guess. It's like these 2 products had a baby and were mixed with a dash of witch spices.

I didn't like that it really tries too much to be stranger things (or ride the ST bandwagon) but not like with the cool retro atmosphere more a witch setting this time. And very similar to Disturbia with a kid thinking something wrong with the neighboor.

It's very basic, story is kinda unoriginal. I think it will please the casual suspense/horror fan because there are twists and when there are twists i always see people overhyping a movie cause they remember the gotcha! moment.

But 90% of the movie is very basic stuff, acting was alright, some scenes went absolutely nowhere (Party scene why so long with the pointless pool scene) brings nothing to the story more than a few lines of exposition. The 35 year before intro scene did i miss something linking the two or that was just pointless filler? Some scenes kinda ripping off Stranger things

It's alright pretty sure teens will dig it. I'm not trying to be snobbish but it's too teen drama/casual horror for me.

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